Canine friends welcome I love Dogs!

Well behaved dogs are very welcome here at Blà Bheinn B&B because I recognise that not everyone wants to go on holiday without the canine member(s) of their family.

I charge £5/dog/night.

I have two dogs who are well socialised. Tali, my Black Labrador, is very laid back and friendly and Lila is my Hungarian Vizsla who simply loves to say hello and bring you her toy (although she won’t let you take it). Both dogs are ex-working fully trained gun dogs. Their beds are in the sitting room, but they are not allowed to enter the breakfast room as this is a no go area for them.

Tall and lila


Your dog is welcome to share your room – but please not on your bed or the settee. Whilst I realise that lots of dogs are allowed on the furniture at home, it’s not fair to my other guests if the furniture in your room gets soiled.

I don’t allow dogs in the breakfast room. If your dog is happy to stay in your room while you are having your breakfast then I am fine with that. Alternatively, some of my guests put their dogs in their car at this time. Some are even quite happy to play in the garden.

My garden is fully fenced off and gated, which means your dog is quite safe to play out without having to be on his/her lead.

There are dog towels and pooh bags in the front porch-so you-can attend to all your pets needs.

Pooh bags go in the green bin around the back of the house.

When you arrive you will find a water bowl in your en-suite for your dog . Tali and Lila will have left a welcome treat as well – rawhide chewies – because these are their favourite after dinner treat, they just have to share.

So! All YOU have to do is bring your dogs own bed/cage and food bowl and make sure his/her paws are clean and dry after being outside and before going up to your room.

Just in case your dog is bitten (there are adders in the hills in the summer) or gets hurt somehow here is the number for the local Veterinarian.

Rhona Campbell, Portree Tel: 01478 611269


Tall and Lila enjoying the views
Guest's dog
Dog Friendly